My Top 5 Picks for a European Spring Holiday

Christmas is close! So, so close that we will be singing Christmas carols around a piano in only three weeks from now. Can you imagine? Where has all the time gone? 

It’s been a while since I last posted (I’m so sorry!), but life has just been busy the last few months! Anyway, I’m back with lots of new ideas, travels and lifestyle hacks. 

But I’m not going to go just be mainstream this time and write about Christmas – that’s what everybody is doing right now. In fact, my mind has been travelling through time and space since the cold started and I’m only able to think about spring and where would I like to go when the sun and heat come back again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to Christmas too, but I’m a wanderer and, given that I’ll have to stay at home this winter, I can only start getting ready for my next holidays. 

So I’ve been doing a little bit of research and these are my top 5 picks for spring holidays in Europe! 


Berlin is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for city breaks, no matter the time of the year. However, I find that spring is probably the best time of the year to travel to the German capital, as summer is usually too warm (and crowded) and winter is too cold.

A city that has been in the centre of numerous historical events, Berlin is a place of incredible architecture, extravagant clubs and fascinating museums. I myself am dreaming of visiting Pergamonmusem since I was 18, and if I finally choose Berlin as my spring holiday destination, I think I will stay at Capri by Fraser, which couldn’t be more strategically located: in the Museum Island, at only 20 minutes from the museum and 12 from the Cathedral Berlin Dom.  


Seville may not be as big as Barcelona or Madrid, but it’s definitely a must-see when travelling to Spain, especially in spring. It represents a great spot in Andalucia: it could serve as a base camp for travelling around the region and visiting Cordoba or Granada (two of the best examples of the past Islamic presence in the peninsula), going to the beach in Cadiz or hiking in Doñana National Park. 

However, the main attraction in spring in Seville isn’t any of these things I have just mentioned, or have you not heard about la Feria de Sevilla or Semana Santa? The first one is a huge party that lasts a week and involves dancing, singing, eating and, in general, celebrating the heat and summer. The second one is a religious festival that will for sure surprise you! 



Why London in spring? Well, it’s always a good time to visit London but in spring the city blooms (literally). The green spaces in the city get covered with tulips and daffodils, the weather is delightful (I just love that word) and it’s still low season, so prices will be lower than if you were to visit London in summer, especially if you stay in a serviced apartment

There’s another good reason to visit London in spring, and that is the start of the festival and sporting events season: London Games Festival, the infamous Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge universities, the Virgin Money London Marathon or the lovely Chelsea Flower Show are just some of the most interesting events taking place in London in Spring. 


Prague has become one of the most visited cities in Europe in the last few years, and that’s for a reason! It’s a beautiful city with a fascinating history and really cheap. In spring, you can walk all around the city without having to suffer the crowds of tourists (I mean, technically we are all tourists, but still) and enjoy the warm weather and long days by the Moldava.

Another great reason to visit Prague in spring: the annual Czech Beer Festival, a gastronomic event that lasts 17 days where you will be able to try a selection of 150 beers from all around the world 🙂 



And of course, no spring-holiday-list would be finished without an honourable mention to the Irish capital, or have we forgotten about St Patrick’s Day already? St Patrick’s Day is a celebration of the Irish spirit and culture, and there’s no better place to enjoy this than Dublin, but obviously not the only one! In fact, the celebrations spread all over the island so no matter where you are in Ireland, you will be able to enjoy parades and carnivals.

But Dublin is so much more than just St Patrick’s Day. The Dublin Dance Festival and Dublin Writers’ Festival, for instance, are two of the most important events taking place in the city in spring.

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