Getting Paid To Travel

Taking a trip and getting paid for it is the dream right? There are lots of ways to cut down the cost of travelling but wouldn’t it be better to stop worrying about the cost altogether?


What if you could travel and not worry about the prices of flights or hotels, that would be the life. This is actually possible too, it’s not something thats limited to the rich and famous. I’m not talking about budget backpacking or couch-surfing either.

I’m talking about bringing in more income to make travelling a great choice for you. Getting paid to travel is the way to do it and there are plenty of opportunities out there for you to capitalise on. It does require a bit of work at the start but it can be done.

  1. Passive Income

Passive income can be earned in numerous ways. It does take a lot of commitment initially to get things off the ground and running. The most common passive income will probably be affiliate websites, chances are you’ve heard of this. Essentially you’ll earn a % commision on products you refer to people.

Amazon have an affiliate program for example and they will give you anything between 1-6% commission depending on the product.

However the appealing thing about Amazons program is you’ll get commission on anything your referral buys, so if you refer someone to buy a plant pot but they buy a tattoo gun instead you’ll still get commission. Honestly, some of the baskets people buy are filled with completely unrelated and random items.

Affiliate Marketing websites can be an amazing way to make passive income, you could earn anything between £1,000-20,000+ per month if you put in the work. So why isn’t everyone doing this? Well, most people don’t commit for long enough.

The people i know who are making £2-400 a day with their websites have spent anything between 3-5 years building the sites up. They played the long game and now their raking in the cash.


  1. Teach English

If you’re looking for an adventure in another country, you could probably get a job teaching English there. Asia and the Middle East are great places to go and teach people how to speak english and you normally don’t need to speak the native language either.

Students learn through concepts, pantomiming and other tactics. This could earn you around £26,000+ a year.

  1. Start a side gig.

There are lots of companies out there who require copy writers or virtual assistants. You can always start something on the side and get it to a point where its self sufficient or even just get it to a point where it requires little input.

  1. Become an influencer

Instagram has loads of influencers, it can be hard to stand out in 2019. However again, similar to building the affiliate sites it requires a bunch of work. If done right and you give it enough time to grow, there is a tonne of opportunities that come with having a following.

Large brands will pay you to share posts with their products in them. Depending on your following you could earn as much as £9000 per post. Obviously you would need ot have a bvery large following to earn that sort of money but a small time influencer could earn anything between £50-90+ per post.

The trick is to offer a different perspective, create a story, hook your viewers in and make them come back wanting more every time. Once you build a following, the money will come.


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