The Top Travel Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip

The Top Travel Items to Pack for Every Solo Trip

When it comes to travelling alone, packing light isn’t as important as making sure you are packing smart.  When you’re on a solo trip, you will find that simple travel inconveniences can quickly spiral out of control – which is why it is vital that you prepare for any travel scenario that can set you back on your journey.

Firstly, the items at the top of your priority packing list should all provide convenience and comfort – this means saying goodbye to the pretty but uncomfortable strappy sandals you will likely only wear once.  Make sure you are packing things that can ideally serve more than one purpose.  In the same way that Mari Kondo asks you to take each item I your hand and ask if it brings you joy, hold every item you are thinking of packing for your trip and ask yourself: ‘Is this a necessity for my trip?’  If the item passes the test, then it should definitely belong in your suitcase.

So, without further ado, here are my top travel items you should be packing for your next solo trip away.

Hard-shell Carry on Suitcase

In the early days of my travel adventures, I used to favour soft suitcases as I felt I could cram more into it.  After traipsing through the rain and quickly realising the entire contents of my suitcase was drenched through, I wised up and bought a hard-shell case.  Away’s famous hard-shell cases are my go-to as they also come with a handy portable battery pack, so you can charge your devices on the go.

Make sure your backpack has padded straps

After my crossbody bag meeting an untimely demise on a solo travel trip and landing awkwardly in the street behind me, I am now a firm believer in two straps are better than one.  Not only does a backpack help spread the weight of your back out evenly, it also means you can be hands-free at all times – which is a godsend when navigating routes solo.

Money Belt

After seeing the classic tourists wear hidden money belts that were not so hidden, I never thought I would own one myself.  However, after the stress of having to leave my luggage in a self-service locker room in Europe, I realised it was time to get one for myself.  During my research, I was surprised to find how many lightweight and cheap options there were to pick and choose from.  I quickly purchased one with multiple pockets, which means I can organise my passport and other currencies easily.

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