Dream Holiday Destinations on a Budget


Currently on the hunt for travel bliss but working with a bargain budget? Not to worry, we’ve compiled the very best dream destinations you can visit that won’t break the bank in the process.

To help ensure the budget box is firmly ticked, you need to find a travel destination where you can sleep and eat for as little as possible.  Here you’ll find some of our top travel picks where you’ll enjoy glorious sights and food that really is cheaper than chips.


If you’re looking to sample the very best that Europe has to offer, then look no further than Eastern Europe. Poland is a culturally rich country that offers countless hikes for outdoor enthusiasts and great nightlife spots for all the night owls out there.

If you’re looking for a relaxing city break, you should definitely check out Krakow or Warsaw.  Both of these cities will let you experience Poland’s rich cultural heritage. Let’s not forget that they are also two of the cheapest cities in Europe, so you won’t have to worry about stretching your budget with this trip!


If you’re currently deciding on the perfect budget European trip to take, then Hungary should definitely be high on your list.  If you’re a travel fan, I’m sure you will have heard of the famous nightlife and welcoming locals in Budapest, however, there is so much more to Hungary than its capital city.  While Budapest is a must-visit stop, I definitely recommend checking out Drebecen. In Drebecen, food and accommodation is cheaper and the views are just as stunning as Budapest.


Why not try something a little different on your next holiday and go camping on the Curonian Spit?  This beautiful sand dune extends right out into the Baltic Sea and is the perfect place to escape the world and enjoy some much-needed solitude.  If you’re looking to experience Lithuania as a local you should definitely stay in a cottage in Nida, where you’ll enjoy the Lithuanian Summer with locals.


Next up on my hot list for dreamy holiday destinations that won’t break the bank is Romania.  You should definitely put Cluj, Romania on your list. Not only does this city play host to a great nightlife scene, it also offers a plethora of impressive daytime excursions that will help you create unforgettable memories.  I would recommend a visit to the Turds Salt Mine, which gives visitors a glimpse into Romania’s extensive mining past.


Greece can easily be explored on the cheap; you just have to be a little careful not to fall into any tourist traps!  Santorini, which is arguably one of the most romantic destinations in Europe can still be enjoyed on a budget. If you’re clever and plan your stay in advance – make sure to make hotel or hostel reservations early – you’ll be able to explore the tranquil Grecian waters and dive into this awe-inspiring spot.


Estonia’s capital Tallinn is a beautiful and picturesque medieval fortress.  This is a UNESCO World Heritage protected site and a favourite amongst backpackers across the globe.  You’ll find your money will go a long way in this country, making it one of my favourite spots to visit if I am trying to stick to a budget.

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