Top Money-Saving Travel Tips for Your Next Sojourn


1. Supermarkets are the way to go!

While eating out is certainly part of the ‘Euro-Trip’ experience, it’s often far cheaper to take a trip to your local supermarket and cook your own dishes.  You should definitely be on the lookout for small local markets, as they often stock great fresh produce. If you’re planning on including Spain in your next European adventure, then I definitely recommend trying a “menu del dia”.  This is a fantastic (and discounted) three-course menu option that can be enjoyed at lunch with a delicious glass of wine.

2. Is House sharing for You?

I know this money-saving tip will not be for everyone, however, making use of the sharing economy on your next European stay is an easy way to save those pennies!  For the cheapest of the cheap, you can opt to try out and stay with strangers for free. Alternatively, you can also arrange a house swap, which if The Holiday is anything to go by, could turn out extremely well for you…If you’re looking for more privacy, then offers a great choice of options if you’re looking to rent out a room or a whole apartment or house.

3. Plan in activities on Free-Entry Days

Did you know that any museum in Paris offers a free-entry any on the first Sunday of every month?  Well, you’re in for a treat! There are also plenty of other European cities that also offer similar discounted days.  In Venice, you’ll be able to enjoy free-entry to some of the most popular galleries and museums on the last Tuesday of every month.  Also, in Berlin different museums offer a variety of free-entry days. This is only a couple of examples of free-entry days, so it’s definitely researching ahead of time to see if you can save yourself a bit of money!

4. Book Your Travel in Advance

One of the easiest ways to save money on your next getaway is to book any travel in advance.  You will often find that both train tickets and flights are heavily discounted when you book your trip far in advance.  One of the easiest ways to ensure you find the best flight deals is to use a price comparison aggregator like for flights. You will often find that booking an overnight train can also help to keep accommodation costs low.

5. Visit New Destinations

Once you have crossed off the most popular European cities off your travel list, you may want to cast your eyes further afield for cheaper holiday spots.  Some of these lesser-visit destinations are primed to become hotspots in 2019, so you may want to visit before the tourists take over. Countries like Malta, Bosnia, Portugal, Romania and Poland are incredible holiday destinations are offer refreshingly low prices that anyone will love!

6. Don’t Forget about the Free Attractions!

Some of the best attractions throughout Europe are actually free.  If you’re planning your trip during summer, then you should definitely keep your eye out for any free concerts. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a fabulous spectacle every year and offers some of the best free attractions around. Many of Europe’s best cities also offer free walking tours where you simply pay what you think the tour was worth (or what you can afford) – sign me up!

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