Why Greece is Still the Perfect Sunshine Holiday Destination

It seems that as every new year rolls around, and we start thinking of where to spend our hard-earned and long-awaited hols, that there is some new trendy destination to head to. But one top holiday destination that is never faddy and is always going to be a crowd-pleaser is of course Greece.

And just because it’s an old favourite with its fantastic location in the eastern Med, doesn’t mean you should overlook it. With so many different amazing spots that you could be visiting, it’s so easy to always see something new when visiting Greece. Still need a little convincing? Check out our top reasons as to why Greece should be topping your holiday destination wish-list.

Hello there UNESCO

Sunshine package deals offer a lot more nowadays, and lots of people want to get out there and do a bit more exploring of the local sites, even if they’re still heading to the beach or the pool later. And luckily enough Greece has got so much to offer.

With the second largest amount of UNESCO World Heritage sites (second only to Italy), Greek history is always going to be fascinating to take a look into. With ancient ruins and myths weaving their way through modern day Greek life, ask at your hotel or book before you even arrive to go on guided tours around the major local sites. One thing is certain, wherever you decide to visit in Greece, there is going to be some serious historical sites to be seen!

Did we mention sun, sea and sand?

Despite all of its fascinating history though, one of the biggest draws to Greece has to be its fantastic sandy beaches. To use the clichéd sun, sea, and sand phrase, Greece does have an abundance of all 3.

Soft sandy beaches, secluded coves, the alluring glitter of the warm azure sea as you soak up those Mediterranean rays… do you need any more reasons to hop on a plane to Greece right now?! Since the country is made up of lots of islands in addition to its mainland, the magnificent coastlines will always have something new to show you, whether you’re a frequent visitor to the country or not.

It’s still the Med

One of the most convenient things about Greece has to be of course its location, which is still in the Mediterranean meaning that you’re not going to have to endure long tedious flights or transfers. The average flight time from the UK is around 3.5-4 hours, meaning that even with little ones the journey is easily manageable.

The delicious food

So we might all be foodies at heart, for how could we talk about Greece without devoting a section to the deliciousness that is Greek cuisine?! Every region boasts its own specialities, and with Mediterranean ingredients being what they are, pretty much whatever you decide to chow down on, it’s going to be good. Try and avoid tourist traps and find authentic Greek grub – look out for where the locals eat and you’ll know you’re onto a good thing.

Greece remains the perfect Mediterranean getaway, meaning it’s going to be a great holiday spot for you too. We’re great believers in the hassle-free package holiday, so we recommend taking a look at the options available over at Mark Warner – you can get inspired for your Greek trip!

It’s always going to be a fantastic sunshine destination, so why not head to Greece on your hols this year.

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